I have always loved portrait photography, but in all the years that I have been taking photographs, I have rarely had the opportunity to get people in front of my camera.

Back at the beginning of 2017, I chatted to my good friend Stacey about arranging a shoot together - and she willingly agreed to be my model & mentor.

So I started scouting for locations (in my local area), we exchanged ideas on styling, and set a date for the shoot.


I shot a range of digital, 35mm and instant film, with my faithful cameras:

  • EOS 550D with 50mm lens.

  • Canon EOS 1000 35mm film camera, Agfa Vista 200 film.

  • Canon AV-1 35mm film camera, Agfa Vista 200 film

  • Polaroid 240 Land Camera with close up lens, Fujifilm FP-100C peel-apart film.

  • Fuji Instax mini, Fujifilm Instax Monochrome film.

I also brought along a reflector, which we used as both a reflector and scrim to diffuse the bright sunlight. 


I have edited these shots in a range of ways, some of the colour comes from the light source, some from the film stock and some from Lightroom presets. This is one of the elements that I find the hardest, to try and keep images consistent across mediums.


It's no great surprise to say that I love all things vintage, so when I spotted the vintage Mercedes, I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into the shoot somehow. I think the colours match perfectly with the outfit.


We were really lucky to catch Golden Hour, just at the end of our shoot. The light through the trees, was beautiful - and Stacey gave me some great pointers on how to use it as backlighting.


I cannot thank Stacey enough for her help, she gave great advice on styling, posing, composing, light, angles - and not only that, but she even developed and scanned all my 35mm film! Look out for Urban Cowgirl - Part 2, coming soon - when I finish editing the rest of the photographs from the photo-shoot.

Check out some of Stacey's work : Stacey Johnson Website | Facebook | Instagram